Tridium Niagara Upgrade For JCI N30 and N2 Systems Systems

BAS has extensive experience in converting JCI N30 and N2 systems to a Tridium Niagara based system. N30 - These supervisory controllers support BACnet IP integration. So, a Tridium Niagara network manager using the BACnet IP network driver can integrate with the data points in the N30 to provide a modern, Web based control system and user interface. This integration approach is easy to implement and has the added benefit of allowing existing JCI tools such as 'passthrough'

Tridium Niagara AX 'EOL'

Here we go again... 'R2' was what we started out with - a game changer in it's day. 'AX' (R3) came along with massive improvements not least of which was 'embedded workstation'. Now, it's N4 which pleased many end-users with it's HTML5 user interface (no more Java drama). It's just the way it is in today's world - make sure your budget includes system upgrades/replacements every several years. The technology train keeps rolling on... The good news is that AX systems that w